Longhorn Cattle &
Swine Confinement Systems Inc.

About Us
Since 1972 our founder, Jack Kirk, has been providing the Midwest with quality buildings and products.  Jack is also a farm owner with cattle production on site. Throughout the years Jack has corresponded with countless figures in the beef and pork industry while maintaining a successful business, farm, and family.

Faith in our Lord, a loving family at home, and at work have helped build the business that we have today.
Meet The Team
All of our employees are important.
Our staff will do whatever it takes to make sure the Job is done right.

  1. Michael Terpstra
    Michael Terpstra
    Service Manager Longhorn Since 2002
  2. Robert McDonald
    Robert McDonald
    Job Site Superintendent Longhorn Since 2013
  3. Don Heightman
    Don Heightman
    Deliveries, Office Longhorn Since 2001
  4. Steve Neff
    Steve Neff
    Parts/Service Longhorn Since 1980
  5. Sean Wellman Sr.
    Sean Wellman Sr.
    Welding Shop Foreman Longhorn Since 2010
  6. Jim Chapman
    Jim Chapman
    Welder/Fabricator Longhorn Since 1987
  7. Tyler Ruzich
    Tyler Ruzich
    Job Site Superintendent Longhorn Since 2017
  8. John Lightle
    John Lightle
    Laborer Since 2011
  9. Randy Baughman
    Randy Baughman
    Laborer Since 2018